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A Royal Indian Journey

Devoted to preparing and serving authentic Indian cuisine, Gazebo recreates the gastronomical delights that grazed royal palates, with unparalleled finesse and flavour. Created using age-old recipes with the most exquisite ingredients, Gazebo promises a ‘Royal Indian Journey’, and while delivering on that promise creates an everlasting memory of deliciousness.

Tastefully decorated outlets that caters to the affluent Arabs as well as expats alike, Gazebo offers a fine dining experience with richly flavoured Indian delicacies, good old Indian classics and zesty favourites from the Tandoor.

An assortment of fragrant Dum Biryanis, succulent Kababs, luxurious Curries and decadent Desserts, all coming together to make magic, that was once exclusive to royalty. Steaming handis of mouth-watering Biryanis and rich, creamy dishes of chicken, mutton, seafood and vegetables, with a variety of sweet treats to end the perfect meal, Gazebo gives Indian food an irresistible allure all over again.

Signature delicacies like Raan-E-Sikandari, Murgh Hyderabadi Biryani and Gosht Roganjosh, all abundantly flavoured and prepared with precision, are just a few reasons to start planning a visit. The whole experience will tempt you further. Mood lighting, elaborate woodcarvings and Mughlai art with discrete table settings, give you a dining experience that is opulent and refreshingly private.

With delectable cuisines from Awadh, Lucknow and Hyderabad, Gazebo is the place to be whenever you