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We have shut down our website for Earth Hour,
we invite you to do the same.

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Mall Opening Hours

10:00 am – 10:00 pm
Getting Here

By downloading the SHARE Rewards app on Google Play or the Apple Store. Once you have the app make sure to register, verify your email address and login to start enjoying all your member benefits. If you already have an account with VOX Cinemas, you can log into the SHARE app with your VOX username and password.

Yes. In select locations you can instantly pay and earn points using the SHARE Wallet. For all other locations, you can submit your receipts within 14 days in order to earn points.

You can learn more at www.SHARErewards.com or by calling the SHARE Team at 800-SHARE (74273)

Yes. In select locations you can instantly redeem points using the SHARE Wallet. Otherwise, please visit the Customer Service desk in the shopping mall to redeem your points for a Shopping Mall Gift Card.

Yes, you can still earn points on the cash or credit card portion that you pay. You can earn points by using your SHARE Wallet, or submitting your receipts on the SHARE app.

The SHARE Wallet is a secure, contactless payment feature in the SHARE app. Add your debit or credit card details to this digital wallet so that you can pay quickly and earn points instantly when you make purchases.