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Tasty Momo

  • Opening Hours
    10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
At Tasty Momo customers can opt for takeout or delivery, or order at the counter and eat within the snug 500 square foot space, which offers six stools and a table for four overlooking the open kitchen. There's also a Polaroid camera to encourage diners to post photos of themselves digging into dumplings on the restaurant wall. So if you love authentic Nepalese food or if you have never tried it, make your way to Tasty MoMo today and dig in!
Tasty Mo:Mo: is not only a venture to represent Nepali food. It also has an initiative to feed children back in Nepal through the “Food for Education” trust. Food for Education is a non-governmental organization that does social work for school children, so they can attend school instead of working for food.