Hail Wa Zaafaran


Hail Wa Zaafran >Sweets Company, established in 2007 is the first company which introduced and offers its traditional sweets which was carefully selected from all kinds of Arabic sweets.

Hail Wa Zaafaran Sweets ensures high quality of sweets that made from finest materials.  The company was started with a small factory and one showroom in Ras Al Khaimah. After seven months of continuous support of the customers, another showroom was opened to satisfy the customers in Abu Dhabi. From then on Hail Wa Zaafaran Sweets continued to grow to meet the customer demand. Now, we have 12 Branches in all over the United Arab Emirates and still expanding.

Hail wa Zaafran sweets is proud to offer high quality traditional Arabic sweets with no added preservatives to ensure its freshness. We produce more than one hundred different kinds of sweets and our best selling products are Khanfarush, Khabisa, Halwa Shiok, Cake Mix, Cake Royal, Zaafaran Desserts and many more.  New in our line are chocolates with decorations.

Highlights of Hail Wa Zaafaran Sweets

Hail Wa Zaafaran Sweets is well managed and blended of experience in this line, we are confident and can categorically assure our customers of providing good quality, good taste for their entire satisfaction.

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