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At Matajer Al Quoz, we are helping you take the hassle out of life admin by providing a home for those essential services right in the heart of the mall. Therefore, whether you need to sort out your internet provider or get your electronics fixed, those services are right here for you. Etisalat is the UAE's leading provider when it comes to telephone and internet connections. Whether you need to sort out your home telephone contract, look at a new option for your mobile phone, or increase the speed of your internet connection, Etisalat is open from 10 am until 10 pm daily to help you.

We all know the time it takes to get things fixed, whether that is a mobile phone, a new watch battery, or your computer. It is also very time consuming to get something printed, keys cut, or documents photocopied. Smart Service handles all these daily essentials quickly and efficiently.

This team of multi-talented operators offer all of the above and much more. They take the headache out of all the small time-consuming jobs that have to be done to keep your life and household running smoothly.


specialty-storesSpecialty Stores

Etisalat - Kiosk

specialty-storesSpecialty Stores

Smart Service - Kiosk

specialty-storesSpecialty Stores